Using CWRSYNC To Backup/Synchronization Between Linux And Window Machines

cwRsync is a packaging of Rsync(link is external) for Windows. You can use cwRsync for fast remote file backup and synchronization between Linux and Window machines.

– Download cwRsync client:

– Add path of bin folder to PATH environment variable on Window client

– Double click cwrsync bat file to create home folder for storing ssh key pair

– Generate rsa key pair on Window client for authentication with Linux server:

– Add content of Window client to authorized_keys file on Linux server (location in home folder of user need authenticated for log on/.ssh)

– Run command rsyn to sync folder on Linux Server to Window client

rsync -r -av -e “ssh -i N:\cwrsync_6.2.0_x64_free\home\Administrator\.ssh\id_rsa” rsync_user@ /cygdrive/n/Backup/Projects

 – If Linux server change SSH default port for security hardening. On Window client need add more option to rsync command to specify port ssh service running on Linux server

Example: Change ssh port on Linux server to 2699

Command run on Window client:

rsync -r -av -e “ssh -p 2699 -i N:\cwrsync_6.2.0_x64_free\home\Administrator\.ssh\id_rsa” rsync_user@ /cygdrive/n/Backup/Projects

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